About Us

The company was founded in 1906.
The second generation brewer, Hosuke Usui, named the sake Hakuba Nishiki after the famous three peaks of Hakuba.
The brewery is located in Omachi City, at an altitude of over 700 m at the foot of the Northern Alps, and produces sake from rice grown under contract in Shinano Omachi and the clean, limpid water of the Northern Alps.
The purpose of the brewery is to preserve the beautiful rural landscape of its hometown,
Since 1990, the company has been committed to local production for local consumption, using the rice contracted with local farmers for everything from daiginjo-style sake to regular sake,
Since 2017, all rice has been made from Shinano-Omachi rice grown under contract with local farmers.

We will continue to pursue sake with a clear taste like the snow water of the Northern Alps.


Shinano-Omachi, where Usui Shoten is located, is a beautiful town surrounded by the mountains of the Northern Alps
and gifted with crystal clear snow water.
This precious nature is an asset for which our company is grateful and a heritage that must be protected.
We appreciate the rice nurtured by the water, making sake, encouraging our employees,
sharing our philosophy and values with them, and sharing our joy.
We are committed to being a company that shares our values and happiness with our employees.


‘Must change.
We shall not change.”
Must change: innovate ourselves with an enterprising spirit to stay ahead of the times, which are changing day by day.
Shall not change… To follow the principles of the corporate business of sake brewing, while appreciating and preserving the nature of our hometown, in accordance with our management philosophy.
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Through the production of high-quality, dignified sake, inheriting Usui Shoten’s unique local sake brewed with the water, rice, soil and people of Shinano-Omachi,
・We will protect the beautiful and rich mountains, water and countryside of Shinano-Omachi by making the best use of them.
・We will be a company that can contribute to the local community and be part of the attraction that draws people to the Omachi and Hakuba areas.
・We will support healthy economic activities and contribute to the creation of local employment.
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  • Hakuba Nishiki


Company nameUsui Shoten Co.
PresidentTakako Saito, Representative Director
Principal businessManufacture and sale of Japanese sake and liqueurs
Address2512-1 Omachi, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture 398-0002
Website https://www.hakubanishiki.co.jp/